Flora and Fauna Protection

Because of its geographical location, CATSA is surrounded by a rich diversity of flora and fauna within one of the most important basins in Costa Rica, such as the Tempisque river basin. Under its area of ​​influence, the presence of many bird species is common, for example: the Galán sin Ventura (Jabiru mycteria) bird in danger of extinction. The pink spatula (Platalea ajaja), the gray heron (Ardea alba), the garzon (Mycteria americana) among others. As well as different species of migratory birds such as hawks. There are sites dedicated as a harem for the protection and reproduction of the green iguana (Iguana iguana). We also have a program of constant reforestation with species of native trees. For this, the company has committed to allocate protection zones for flora and fauna. It also has a continuous surveillance program to avoid the presence of illegal hunters.

Green Mechanical harvest

The changes that any person in the province of Guanacaste would need, to make  a green mechanical harvest commercially, requires an important economic investment in research, training, design of agricultural implements, modifications and adaptations in a factory. For this, a medium- to long-term strategic plan is required. At present, CATSA has machines with technology to harvest cane in green. The great challenge for the future is the handling of more than 15 tons per hectare of waste left in the field, which interfere with the subsequent work of maintenance of the plantations.

In the medium term, CATSA is developing important green harvesting experience in several sections of the company, with the aim of a technological management package for these special niches. However, the most important and long-term challenge will be the management of green harvest in plantations established in soils of the order Vertisol (soils with high clay content). Specially areas that are harvested at the end of the second and third third of the harvest, which is an epoch that is located with the beginning of the rainy season. Of course, all of this is under a commitment to harmonize with the environment and neighboring communities.