The CATSA Machinery Workshop responds to the inherent need for service in all areas of the company. The Agricultural and Industrial areas receive support in the Preventive and Corrective Maintenance of all agricultural machinery and implements, harvesting equipment, industrial machinery, motor pumps and irrigation equipment, vehicles and other combustion units used for the operation of our company.

To serve our internal customers, the CATSA Machinery Workshop provides the necessary services strategically sectioned:

Mechanical Section: Responsible for the execution of preventive and mechanical corrective maintenance of all combustion equipment. It has three areas: Cane Harvesters and Loaders, Tire Tractors and Heavy Machinery, Heads and Light Equipment.

Welding Section: In charge of preventive and corrective maintenance of machinery, agricultural implements, complementary equipment (carts for cane transportation, cisterns and others) as well as the design and implementation of improvements in the metalworking part of all machinery and equipment.

Maintenance Section: Its responsibility is focused on the execution of the preventive maintenance and lubrication of all the equipment that requires it.

Administrative Section: A team of engineers and technicians are responsible for planning, verifying and acting according to the action plans, guiding the Machinery Workshop towards Total Productive Maintenance.

The Machinery Workshop has two support units in the administrative are: Spare Parts and Supply Store.