Mechanical Harvesting Section

A high percentage of the cane processed by our Industrial Area comes from mechanical harvesting. The Machinery Workshop has specialized personnel, who are constantly trained and updated according to the technological changes in the cane harvesters. In addition, it’s responsible for the preventive and correct maintenance of vital equipment in our operation. During the harvest, the mission of the workshop is focused on reaching the highest availability of all our cane harvesters. In the Reparation period, which begins once the harvest is completed, all the equipment receives preventive maintenance, changing worn parts and other deep repairs, with the objective of having the equipment ready for the next harvest season.

Mechanical Sections: Tire Tractors and Heavy Machinery, Headers and Light Equipment

With a clear mission to ensure the preventive and correct maintenance of agricultural tractors tires; heavy machinery that includes excavation equipment and repair of roads, cranes, front loaders and forklifts, irrigation water pumps, light vehicles such as pick ups, motorcycles and ATVs, the Machinery Workshop has staff and specialized tools for its execution.